The field of interior design needs creative minds and polished skills. At Pixeltoonz, we understand the transformative power of interior design and our integrity diploma program offers the best interior design course in Kerala. With us, explore the benefits of studying interior design and how our comprehensive curriculum, including 3D animation and film editing courses, equips students to excel in this exciting field. 

creativity and innovation

Studying interior design is a journey full of discovery and creativity. Pixeltoonz’s diploma program is designed to unleash students’ creativity and foster innovation. Our emphasis is on developing practical skills. We provide courses like Integrated Diploma in Graphics and 3D animation courses in Kochi, which are not very often seen in other institutes. At Pixeltoonz, our program covers a wide range of topics including motion graphics, video editing, and 3D design. Students will gain hands-on experience using industry-leading software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,  After Effects, and Blender for 3D modeling and animation.

Embracing Technology 

Technology plays an important role in the field of design. Our curriculum includes a 3D Animation course in Kochi, which provides students with the tools and techniques to create immersive virtual environments. From architectural visualization to virtual walkthroughs, students will learn how to harness the power of technology to bring their design concepts to life. Interior design is a diverse field that includes a variety of disciplines, including product design, photography, project development, and more.

Pixeltoonz’s integrated diploma program offers an approach to design education, allowing students to explore a variety of design disciplines and develop comprehensive skills that can differentiate them in the industry. At Pixeltoonz, we believe that you learn by doing. Earning a Diploma in Interior Design opens the door to a variety of career opportunities in the design industry. Whether working as a freelance designer, joining a design firm, or starting your own business, graduates of our Integrated Diploma program will be equipped to succeed in the competitive world of interior design. Additionally, incorporating video or film editing courses into the curriculum expands career possibilities for students, allowing them to explore opportunities in film, television, and multimedia production.


Studying Interior Design with Pixeltoonz provides an innovative educational experience for students to succeed in a dynamic and challenging design field. With a comprehensive curriculum, industry-relevant training, and practical experience, our integrated diploma program gives students the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel as interior designers.