Integrated Diploma in Graphics and 3d

 Pixeltoonz Integrated diploma in Graphics & 3d is a course designed for the future. Like all our other program’s the diploma program is designed around Pixeltoonz core principles of proving industry linked, technology based ,research driven and seamless education.

Integrated Diploma In Graphics & 3D

Why we need integrated courses?


Integrated courses offer opportunities for students to pursue different streams together.Integrated studies offer ample amount of job opportunities after pursuing the program as you have the higher knowledge compared to your peers. These courses accommodate a variety of learning styles, theories and multiple intelligence, which can cater to the development of the overall teaching- learning procedure in the future and lead to growth.


What is Integrated diploma in Graphics and 3D?


Tomorrows creatives must be skilled, versatile and corroborative Problem solvers in our quickly changing world. Graduates of our Integrated Diploma program are prepared for the career in Graphics, 3D Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Print and Publishing and Emerging Professional Fields.


The one year diploma program covers Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffects, Photography Blender, Project and Portfolio Development.


Why 3D and Motion Graphics are the future of Advertising?


3d or Animated advertisements add a little more depth to your normal 2d ads by making them pop out from the place. Customers are able to interact with the 3D products by dragging and orienting the project.

3D and Motion graphics gives marketers a huge advantage as this technology makes ads appealing, interactive and effective.


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