If you have a passion for photography and want to become a skilled photographer, Pixeltoonz Academy is here to hone your skills. Renowned for offering the best photography course in Kerala, Pixeltoonz Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of education and practical training to our students. Recently, the academy organized a groundbreaking underwater photography workshop, using an underwater photography kit. Additionally, Pixeltoonz Academy takes pride in being the first academy in Kerala to offer underwater photography as part of its curriculum for academic students. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance our student’s learning experience.

Exceptional Education Experience

At Pixeltoonz Academy, introducing underwater photography to our curriculum was groundbreaking. Our students in Kerala had a unique opportunity to explore camera techniques, lighting, and capture stunning images with specialized equipment. The workshop’s success thrilled our students, offering them a chance to experiment with this rare form of photography.

At Pixeltoonz Academy, we take pride in offering the best interior design course in Kerala, and we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of traditional education. We integrate advanced technology like virtual reality (VR) into our curriculum, particularly in interior design. This specialty of our course enables students to immerse themselves in realistic virtual environments for hands-on experience. We provide such technologies to experiment with different design concepts in a highly engaging way.

Our academy is known for its comprehensive photography program that covers a wide range of topics, from basic camera techniques to advanced editing skills. Our experienced instructors are passionate about photography and are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential as photographers.

Going Beyond the Borders of Conventional Learning

With our photography courses in Kochi, the underwater photography workshop was a unique and invaluable experience for our students, as it allowed them to work with an underwater photography kit rather than using GoPro cameras. They got a chance to learn how to capture stunning underwater images. The workshop challenged students to think creatively and push traditional photography boundaries. By offering this workshop, we have set ourselves apart as a leader in photography education in Kerala.

In addition to our photography program, our interior design course is also top-notch and is considered the best in Kerala. We lead interior design education, dedicated to equipping students for success in the competitive field. Introducing VR into our curriculum enhances their learning, setting them apart from their peers.


For top-notch photography or interior design courses in Kerala, Pixeltoonz Academy is your destination. Dedicated to quality education, we’re always innovating to bring exciting learning opportunities.