We know that While academics provide knowledge, a sports like football teaches the invaluable traits of teamwork, leadership, persistence, hard work, respect towards others, stress management, continuous enhancement of one’s skills, and most importantly – acceptance of success and failure in an unfazed manner.

students football match

Sports and academics are equally important for a child . As sports can teach a child many things that books may not even studies will give us mental knowledge which sports cannot give. What benefits you whether playing sports or doing great in academics is what you have to figure out.

Pixeltoonz conducted  football matches at Turf of Kaloor, Cochin.The game of football brings joy to the students.It was played at turf of Kaloor. The match was witnessed by a large number of students and public.

The games was very tough  and every player was in form and skill. Prizes were distributed to both
the winning team .