As one embarks on a journey in graphic design, there is much potential for creativity and professional development.  Whether you’re a novice seeking to hone your skills or an experienced designer looking to stay ahead in the field, choosing the right graphic design course is paramount.In this detailed guide you will find information regarding graphic design education with a special interest in Kerala, India, through Pixeltoonz Academy which is highly regarded in that region.

Understanding Graphic Design Courses:

Graphic design courses cover a vast array of subject matter starting from the basics of design theory to command of software tools that define industry’s international standards such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Most of them extend over fonts, colors psychology, branding, and user experience and can be utilized for either print or web design.

Best Graphic Design Courses in Kerala:

Regarding pursuing graphic design courses in Kerala, several institutions stand out for their quality education and industry relevance. Among them stands Pixeltoonz academy as a unique learning institution in India with all the necessary facilities needed for such kind of training. The institution is located at the center of Kerala and this provides a perfect environment that facilitates both static and dynamic elements associated with education. 

Pixeltoonz Academy: Kerala’s Premier Design Institution:

Pixeltoonz Academy has a surpassed reputation for encouraging creativity and being innovative to students who wish to undertake designing. The long-standing instructors in the academy work with industry masters to make the courses interesting for the students by giving them a theoretical course coupled with practical skills.

Pixeltoonz is known for its emphasis on practical projects within the real world alongside partnerships in the industry. It is through internships, workshops as well as guest lectures hosted by industry professionals, that has enabled this. Visible knowledge is now within students’ grasp about the operation mechanisms characterized by the design field. This establishes a professional connection that can be beneficial in future opportunities.

Pixeltoonz Academy provides tailor-made programs for all types of people. So, alongside short-term certification courses, this also means that those seeking full diplomas can still satisfy their ambitions in graphic design.


Pixeltoonz Academy, located in the State of Kerala, is a premier teacher training institution that partners with industry requirements and provides a good atmosphere for learning. When you sign up for Pixeltoonz courses, you spend not just on education but also on your prospects of becoming a thriving graphic designer. Moreover, Pixeltoonz Academy doesn’t just excel in traditional graphic design; it also offers the best UI UX design course in the region.