What is Digital Designs or Graphic Designs?

Any presentation or design that is created and viewed on a digital platform is called Digital Design. The Digital Designs are very much in use now a days. Creating designs on paper has become traditional and designers now use various digital sources to create and develop amazing designs and presentations. These designs can be of any form and can be prepared on any platform. A Microsoft Word document is also a digital design created using a technology and digital source. Likewise, these can be multimedia presentations, signage’s, 3D models, animations, web pages, web ads, email or any other social collateral’s.

When you study digital design, you’re learning the fundamental values that apply to all types of design in tech: web design, UX, design thinking…the list goes on. The brilliant thing about digital design is that once you’ve learned the best practices, you’ll start to see how they function across roles. It’s sort of like realizing that when you’re fluent in a couple of romance languages, you can pick up Spanish or Italian or Portuguese. The other bonus of understanding digital design more generally? You’ll be able to better communicate with tech teams, seeing all sides of a project.

To give a thumbnail, basic digital design skills and tools include things like:

 Skills Required to Become a Digital Designer

Imagination and Creativity are the best designing skills required to develop and create any design. Also, judgment, observations, analytic thinking are also required to create good concepts. A designer uses images, texts, illustrations, creative ideas, interface designs, Page Layout Techniques and Print making methods to create a proper Design.


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This digital designs are used in every field from entertainment, healthcare, marketing, advertising, print media, publications and many more. Today, all the newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures are designed on a digital platform and then printed accordingly. The scope of this is very bright and in the coming years, everything will be made using digital designs.

How this technology will help you in career growth?

This is a huge industry itself and more and more people are attracted towards this industry. Learning this will give the users an opportunity to expand their outlook towards creativity and ideas. The technology will help the users not only to boost their pre-achieved skills but also open doors to learn and grasp new skills and capabilities. This will eventually help them to grow their careers and future goals.

Digital Design Job Profiles & Top Recruiters


After pursuing a graphic design course aspirants are mostly hired by any of the below mentioned firms:

Popular job profiles in which aspirants are hired after pursuing a graphics design course are as follows:



 Designer requires a good eye and a creative mind, but also tantamount are the development of solid practical skills and software fluency. The sooner the student begins preparations, the better.


There was a time when a graphic designer could get hired strictly on their creative portfolio. Today, however, most employers are looking for designers with a more complete and well-rounded education – the kind only a college degree can provide. A certificate in the field, or a diploma, may be sufficient.

Coursework covers a wide range of subjects, such as studio art, principles of design, commercial graphics, web design, Photography, advertising and graphics-related computer technology. Classes in marketing and business may be part of the curriculum as well, since designers must be able to compile and submit professional job proposals, and effectively sell themselves to potential clients.

Regardless of the specific degree they choose, graphic design students should look for an accredited program from a reputable Institute.


Not all college programs in graphic design require internships, Institutes like pixeltoonz , offers internships to students with stipend even before the completion of courses.


While a solid resume is an important aspect of any job search, the biggest asset to someone looking for a job in graphic design is an impressive portfolio. Though graphic designers will need a resume, the only way for a prospective employer to understand an applicant’s abilities is through a portfolio demonstrating a range of work and growth as a designer.


Graphic design is a constantly changing and developing field. Designers must keep up with the commercial and artistic trends in the industry – or they may find themselves quickly left behind. They must also remain current on new and updated computer graphics and design software programs, which are in a near constant state of evolution. This is particularly true for designers working as freelancers, and for those interested in advancing to higher positions within their companies.


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Institutes like Pixeltoonz Academy offers both Short term and Long term courses. You can Pursue:

Certificate and Diploma Courses:


It has a very bright scope. It has over the years become so useful and helpful to all the designers and artists. The use of a good concept can now be visualized and seen on a digital platform only with the help of digital design. This technology has proved to be the best from its invent.

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