Photography skills refer to the set of skills that you need to capture and produce high-quality photographs. Photography skills include the creative skills you need to capture unique photographs but also the technical skills necessary to operate camera equipment and edit photos after you’ve taken them.

Photography is both skill and talent

Photography is something that is acquired from practice. A talent on the other hand is a naturally gifted ability to preform some sort of action. In other words, what distinguishes the two from each other is the placement of where this so called “ability” resonates from — from practice or from natural disposition.

A proficient photographer might have accrued their ability by having a natural eye for composition or light. On the other side of this, some photographers might have developed a skill set that allows them utilize his or hers camera to it’s fullest potential.

We do believe however that a strong line exists between artistic talent and technical skill when it comes to photography. When we discuss skill, we generally are speaking of the ability to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc. of a camera.Indeed, the ability and knowledge of how to manipulate a cameras function is very important to good photography. But the usefulness of this ability is sometimes not paired correctly with the drive to correctly utilize those skills. You could know as much as you want about how beneficial it is to have a half-pressed remote shutter focus analyzer but if you have no artistic talent, creativity, or appreciation for light and it’s bewildering properties, then it is difficult to become a great photographer.

So to answer the question more directly, photography an art form is the ability to hedge both artistic talent and technical skill — it is not one or the other.


Examples of photographer skills

Many photographers choose to take classes in-person or online and then practice to hone their skills. In fact, many of the top photographers taught themselves how to take exceptional photos. Some of the primary photography skills include:


With this skill, photographers learn to think creatively but deliberately about what will look good in the frame of the camera and why. They consider the lighting, patterns, shape, color, balance and formatting. While there are certain principles that are important to learn as a photographer, composition for many photographers is heavily impacted by their own personal preferences and creativity.

Automobile Photography
Automobile Photography is an essential but often overlooked branch of Photography that focuses on capturing an automobile from its best angles to make it looks as appealing as Possible.
If you want to take the perfect picture of an automobile, you will need to think about Shutter Speed, Location, Light, Background and much more.
Image Captured by our Student Avinash S.


Photographers must be able to use the physical hardware, such as cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, tripods and possibly even drones. Some of this equipment can be complex to use until you’ve had significant experience with it. Even if they choose to work with only a camera, they must still understand how to use its manual settings in order to have the greatest amount of control and the most options.


Because photographers today primarily rely on digital cameras, they generally do their own editing using visual editing software. Someone with strong photography skills needs to be comfortable using software to modify and enhance their photos when they’re done.

Product Photography
Any photography career is lucrative, therefore product photography is also a profitable career. A person who chooses it can not only make money but also he/ she can enjoy the freedom of time and choice.
Product photography capture and image editing by Pixeltoonz Student Deepesh Chandran.

Attention to detail

Photographers must have strong attention to detail in order to take note of the color, lighting and other components within the frame. Attention to detail is also critical after a photoshoot during the editing process. They must be able to notice and correct small problems with each different photograph before presenting them to clients.


The majority of photographers are self-employed, which is why many need to have business skills. Independent photographers need to able to handle their marketing, accounting and sales. They need to understand copyright law and be able to read and fully understand contracts. In order to work well with their clients, they need strong interpersonal and customer service skills, in addition to self-confidence.

Now that you know more about a career in  photography, let’s explore the steps you can take to enter the career.

Right photography education and practice:

While fashion photographers are not required to have a degree, they can gain a greater understanding of the craft by studying photography at a college, university or an Institution. Institutes like Pixeltoonz Academy offers  Diploma courses  in photography, which allows students to study photography history, lighting, digital photography, and fine arts.

When studying, be sure to focus some of your studies on developing editing skills. Photographers must be able to edit their work to meet their clients’ needs. Photographers use Adobe Photoshop and other computer software to crop photos, correct flaws, and alter the images they have taken. Photographers may take courses in photo editing or develop skills on their own.

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