Photography is something that is acquired from practice. A talent on the other hand is a naturally gifted ability to preform some sort of action. In other words, what distinguishes the two from each other is the placement of where this so called “ability” resonates from — from practice or from natural disposition.Our Diploma Course in Photography covers 33 categories of Photography and the portfolio development. Students final portfolio is the collection of all the works , each student had performed in different types of Photography. Different types includes Product, Advertising, Wildlife, Nature, Travel, Miniature, Fashion. Event etc.

Check out the portfolio of our student Jisna T Benny from Photography Department.


About the Author:

Jisna T Benny  is from Kerala. In her words,“something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”,. Whether it is a photograph of people or natural subject, it creates the mood. And that are the thoughts created through the vision. She has completed her Professional Diploma in Photography from Pixeltoonz Academy of Film & Media Design, Kerala, India.

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Now that you know more about a career in  photography, let’s explore the steps you can take to enter the career.

Right photography education and practice:

While fashion photographers are not required to have a degree, they can gain a greater understanding of the craft by studying photography at a college, university or an Institution. Institutes like Pixeltoonz Academy offers  Diploma courses  in photography, which allows students to study photography history, lighting, digital photography, and fine arts.

When studying, be sure to focus some of your studies on developing editing skills. Photographers must be able to edit their work to meet their clients’ needs. Photographers use Adobe Photoshop and other computer software to crop photos, correct flaws, and alter the images they have taken. Photographers may take courses in photo editing or develop skills on their own.

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