It can be daunting for parents, when their children are interested in careers in film, TV, animation, games and VFX. Many parents have no experience of these areas of work and don’t know what’s involved in building a career in them. These are some of the questions that parents ask us about the Creative Industry.

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1.Are creative careers always secure?

The creative industries offer a huge range of jobs and career paths, with opportunities in big companies as well as smaller concerns and not-for-profit organisations. You could rise through the ranks at a multinational media company or put together a ‘portfolio’ career combining different types of employment such as part-time work, temporary contracts and self-employment. It can be hard to get started and the path to career progression may not be straightforward or predictable, but on the upside, careers in the creative industries can be flexible and varied as well as fulfilling.

2.My son is rubbish at Drawing. Why he going for a Creative  job?

The students are not required to be a professional drawing or sketching artist to get into the Creative industry. Animations, Designs or VFX artist uses advanced software to create Designs, Effects or Animation. So, one must be clear in mind that even if she/he doesn’t know drawing and sketching can still pursue a career in Creative Industry.

3. Is it possible to learn the entire VFX through a 1 year course?

It is not possible to learn the entire VFX. VFX is just like a world in which there are multiple departments and specializations; one needs to select the specialization he/she would want to pursue as a career. For instance, there is engineering; where one needs to decide a specialization that whether he/she would want to become a Mechanical engineer, IT engineer or Civil engineer, etc. Similarly, in VFX there are multiple specializations such as Modelling, Texturing, Animation (2d & 3d), Lighting, FX, and Compositing. Each of these specializations requires different technical knowledge and different skill set and hence a student can learn and specialize in only one department of VFX and not entire VFX. We are giving training in all concepts, further the student can decide which area he wants to specialize.

4. Is it possible to get an international placement?

Animation & VFX is an international career wherein one gets on-site opportunities. One may travel abroad to countries like UK, Australia, China, Canada, the USA in this industry however, it can be done only after having relevant experience in the Animation-VFX industry. If you are a very good  artist then you will surely get an opportunity to work internationally.

5. What about the scope of VFX and animation  in India?

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According to Statistic, the VFX and post-production industry in India has almost doubled – from $39bn to $68bn between 2016 – 2019. The same report estimates that the industry will be worth almost $147 bn by 2024 – that’s huge!

Additionally, the heightened accessibility of internet platforms such as YouTube has added to the need for animation and VFX.

6. What kind of salary can be expected after the completion of Animation course?

Animation is a creative field. Your salary depends on your talent, creativity and knowledge you gain from the course. Upon successful course completion, Pixeltoonz offers career development training & placement assistance so that you get a chance to be interviewed & recruited by major animation studios & film making companies.Want to know more? Talk to our counselor at +91-97456-78780 or walk in to Pixeltoonz.

7.How can I support my child?

If your child is interested in the screen industries, try to support creative thinking at home. Get them to think critically about their favorite games, TV shows and films. Encourage your children to start making their own creative projects, whether those are films, Animations, or Art.  As parents, it is important to nurture and support what makes your child happy.  Here are five ways on how you can support your Child’s passions:

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Admission time is near the corner and it is a crucial period in the life of most of the students. It is always better that parents and children should  decide together on the career they would pursue. The children can get the information about the latest trends while the parents can get their practical experience to the table to make a decision. Parents need to keep the lines of communication open, and encourage their child to gather as much information as possible on their career interest areas. A parent must recognize that their role is simply to act as a facilitator in their child’s career journey and allowing independent career choices marks a young persons first real step into adulthood.

If your child wants to take a career in Creative Industry, then have a look at our list of recommended courses. We offer training in the relevant software, dedicated time to building a portfolio and have strong links with the industry. This will give your child the best chance of getting a job after studying.

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