Role of multimedia courses in various industries: Multimedia is gaining fame on the web with wide usage in several fields such as 3D animation, post-production, video editing, graphic designing, responsive website designing, and digital photography.

However, the role of multimedia and in various industries can be briefed as follows:

Web Design Industry

The web design department has been assigned tasks of creating the visual effects of the website which are what the users see when they visit the site. The layout of the website has to be pleasing to the eye and motivating, but without too much complexity like the time taken to load.

However, the one thing that makes a website more attractive, besides the vibrant layouts that have perfect color combinations that are consistent with the logo designed for the website is a part of multimedia.

Graphic Design Industry

A graphic multimedia designer is solely responsible for creating designs that can depict the client’s messages and leave a high visual impact. This field utilizes multimedia in preparing the sketches, scale models, plans, and drawings of the content that is to be developed.

However, these professionals will work on both, the print and motion graphics that combine the use of art and technology to produce more interactive multimedia content using graphic design software.

Animation Industry

It shouldn’t be unfamiliar for you people how exciting it was to watch Aladdin, Lion king in your childhood right. So that’s what you are going to do in animation. Here in this industry one must complete his/her 12th standard and can opt for animation and multimedia courses after 12th. The animation is a sequence of frames moving per second creating the motion pictures. Multimedia artists not only use the industry-relevant animation software but also the traditional media to create animation, develop special effects and other graphics that are heavily used in films, televisions, video games, and websites.

Post production Industry

Multimedia plays a major factor in both pre-production and post-production. In pre-production, it is utilized for creating ideas and developing a proper plan to be implemented. Pre-production is the planning phase which takes place before the production begins, searching for locations, casting, scheduling, etc

Pre-production, production, and post-production fall under the purview of film making if anyone of you is planning to take a film making course after 12th do make a wise choice in terms of the institute you are planning to study. However, it is used for post-production work like editing scenes, adding transition effects, merging voices to characters, background score, dubbing and many more as well.

With the post-production software, the existing assets can be converted into a far more high-quality, ready-for-publication digital multimedia story or a short video. It includes activities like


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