When we are continuously updating our social media platforms with our student works , people always ask as ‘How is this possible?’ and our answer is Consistently getting the best work from Pixeltoonz students is at the core of great teaching.

Typical strategies for getting the best work from students focus on extrinsic motivation and  grades, badges, certificates, stars, trophies, glowing feedback, encouragement, pep talks, ‘pressure,’ and other ways to motivate students. That these strategies are underwhelming in effect–and tend to not yield the life-long learners education seeks to create–shouldn’t be surprising.

Let’s take a look at the strategies we follow to motivate our students in doing their best. Some are obvious  and many everyone may already do but we follow these strategies that give our students the best chance to do their best–to consistently do their very best work, and grow the most as students over the course of an academic year.

To get the best work from students, authentic ‘voice and choice’ matter and a big part of this is leaving ‘room for interpretation’ in the Projects. Those gray areas can confuse students unaccustomed to agency and choice, but once they become comfortable with it, it can be a significant factor in helping them show what their ‘best’ actually is.

To get the best work from students, we help them seeing.  Observing what they’re doing and why. Finding what others have done and how.

Help them to see what’s possible in the Projects, whether it is Graphics, Photography, Web or Animation  how the work can benefit them, and most crucially that they’re capable of doing that important work and that we are  there for them when they waver.

Keeping a portfolio of their best work–physical or digital or both. This will help our students to find inspiration  or simply improve in terms of quality, accuracy, etc.

At Pixeltoonz, We help our students to regularly interact with experts in the Industry.  If they’re doing Fashion Photography or Designing or 3D Modeling  or whatever, We let them interact  with the most passionate, driven, and skilled people in those fields.

All our courses are designed  with extensive research of current trends and expectations in the industry. It is absolutely okay even if our student is a  newbie to this high-tech world because we always begin with A, B, C and make sure each pupil reach till Z.

Personalized feedback means the right feedback at the right time. At Pixeltoonz, we don’t want our students to felt like a school. The Teachers are more like friends to Students. They conduct activities that clear the mayhem in mind and gives them right feedback which helps the students  to come up with more and more creative ideas.

Our mission is to provide consistent high quality training on film and multimedia to nurture creative capabilities of the individual and to bridge the gap by linking them with India’s finest professionals.

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