How Pixeltoonz Consistently getting the best work from students?

When we are continuously updating our social media platforms with our student works , people always ask as ‘How is this possible?’ and our answer is Consistently getting the best work from Pixeltoonz students is at the core of great teaching. Typical strategies for getting the best work from students focus on extrinsic motivation and  […]

How to become a Fashion Photographer?

A career in Fashion photography doesn’t have to be an impossible dream, But, just imagining yourself mingle with the glitz and glamour of the fashion world is not stimulation enough to end up in this industry. You need the right creative eye behind the camera and a boundless passion which continuously motivates you to follow […]

How to pose Models for Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is the key to a successful portfolio of many models. Fashion photographers are the one who passionately works behind the lens is showcasing fashion apparels and accessories in the way that they appear even the more enticing. Fashion photography has been able to set benchmarks in the segment of Beauty, clothes, models, accessories, […]

5 Types of Photography

For many of us, snapping a photograph has become second nature. With great cameras now built in to smart phones, making an image has become less about about artistry and more about utility. We take pictures of things we want to remember—this could be anything from a wedding or vacation to what we ate for […]