A career in Fashion photography doesn’t have to be an impossible dream, But, just imagining yourself mingle with the glitz and glamour of the fashion world is not stimulation enough to end up in this industry. You need the right creative eye behind the camera and a boundless passion which continuously motivates you to follow your dream.

Fashion photographers are responsible for photographing fashion shoots and editing the resulting images. Although fashion photographers are generally not the directors of the photo shoots, their skill set, including an eye for design and lighting as well as an understanding of the feel and purpose of the resulting photographs, makes them an integral part of fashion photography and portraiture.They’re generally hired according to their portfolios, experience and connections within the industry.  The salary potential for fashion photographers also depends largely on their expertise and portfolios.

monochromatic photography
Photograph captured as a part of portfolio development session at Pixeltoonz Academy.

Now that you know more about a career in fashion photography, let’s explore the steps you can take to enter the career.

Right photography education and practice:

While fashion photographers are not required to have a degree, they can gain a greater understanding of the craft by studying photography at a college, university or an Institution. Institutes like Pixeltoonz Academy offers  Diploma courses  in photography, which allows students to study photography history, lighting, digital photography, and fine arts.

When studying, be sure to focus some of your studies on developing editing skills. Fashion photographers must be able to edit their work to meet their clients’ needs. Photographers use Adobe Photoshop and other computer software to crop photos, correct flaws, and alter the images they have taken. Photographers may take courses in photo editing or develop skills on their own.

Build a Portfolio: 

A photographer’s most important tool is her portfolio, and this is particularly true for beginners who don’t have an established reputation. Early on in their careers, photographers typically include photos taken during college and the portfolio evolves and improves as the photographer gains more experience. Prospective clients choose a photographer based on the style and the skills exhibited in their portfolios. So, fashion photographers must keep their portfolio up-to-date and ensure that their abilities are well represented in the work they include.

standing pose
Fashion photography capture by Pixeltoonz photography students.

Selection of your weapons:

You do not need a huge kit to shoot fashion photography, but it certainly helps if you have a high quality digital camera and good lighting system to start with . Fashion photographs need to be crisp at a high resolution, so your digital camera megapixel count (which usually is not particularly important) matter a lot more for fashion photography than it does for street or artistic photography.


Fashion Photography
This picture was taken by Abhin S Kumar from Pixeltoonz Photography department.

Draw attention on the social media platform:

Be connected to the masses on social media. Your work will certainly get noticed and appraised by the right people. Work hard to carve a niche for yourself.

Pair Up with the finest: 

Always try and hook yourself to the most experienced and choicest people in this industry. Be it the makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists or modelling agencies – they can all prove to be resourceful and your stepping  stone to success.

Fashion photography is a demanding profession, but its also a very rewarding one for photographers with the creative talent and work ethic to succeed. From fashion labels to magazines, fashion photographers are in demand with many employers.

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