Fashion photography is the key to a successful portfolio of many models. Fashion photographers are the one who passionately works behind the lens is showcasing fashion apparels and accessories in the way that they appear even the more enticing. Fashion photography has been able to set benchmarks in the segment of Beauty, clothes, models, accessories, etc. using technologies and skills, Right from choosing exotic locations, story lines, background, photographer’s tricks, and techniques during fashion photography infuses life in the static photo shoot.
There are various styles to the fashion photography genre such as Editorial, catalog, high fashion, and street. Street fashion photography is the latest addition in this category and is gaining prominence owing to its simplicity and connectivity with commoners. Catalog and Street style fashion photography are quite distinguishable, whereas Editorial and high fashion photography are quite similar in style.

Taking photos of people is a rewarding experience. But posing them can be tough, especially if you’re still starting out. That’s why we created these tips to help you get the perfect model poses for fashion photography. You’ll learn how to pose models in no time!

Model Posing Tips

1. Angle your legs and arms, even if only slightly.  This type of shoot is done to show full body poses.

2. Master the three-quarters pose. In this pose, you turn your body slightly away from the camera so that only three-fourths of your body is visible. This adds depth and makes the images more visually appealing.

3. Follow your photographer’s direction on where to look. Looking directly into the camera has limited appeal and doesn’t work in a lot of cases. Look behind the camera, or into the eyes of the photographer.

4. Keep your poses moving and alive, but move slowly. You want to change things about every three seconds. Move a hand, change your posture slightly, change your facial expression.

Top 10 Model Poses for Photo Shoots

The list will give you the modeling photography poses you need to know to get a fantastic photo.

1.Standing Poses

standing pose
Fashion photography capture by Pixeltoonz photography students.

2.Standing Poses (Totally Sideways)

Fashion Photoshoot
Fashion Photography Shoot by @pixeltoonz photography students, during the fashion portfolio module of their course.
In Frame: @akhilaa_krishnan

3.Standing Poses (with Back to Camera)

standing pose
Picture Captured by Pixeltoonz Photography student Don Roy.

4.Standing with Back Against a Wall

standing against wall pose
Picture Captured by Pixeltoonz Photography Students.


5.Standing Poses with Use of a Prop


fashion photography model poses

A prop can give you many options :

6.Walking (Away from the Camera)

Fashion Photography
Picture Captured by Pixeltoonz Photography Students.

7.Sitting on Steps or a Chair

sitting fashion photography pose

8.Sitting on the Floor

sitting on floor pose

9.Laying on the Side

photography pose lying on side


10.Head and Shoulders

photography pose

Fashion model poses are hard work. It takes study and practice to be a professional in the industry. Of course, this is just a sample list of a few poses to get you started. But once you master these basic photography poses, you are well on your way to getting the best model poses you can.

We hope our ideas have given you some inspiration and that you are even more excited for your next shoot.


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pixeltoonz diploma in Photography

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